Life Coaching and Pastoral Counseling

25 years experience


Rev. Dr. Jim Gause PhD. Counseling Psychology Christian Counselor and Life Coach

Certified Hypnotist

Marriage Coaching and Pre-Marital Counseling

Depression - Anxiety - Stress - Grief

Why Christian Counseling?

Who Needs Christian Coaching?


Why Marriage Coaching? People fall out of love and 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Most therapy concentrates on resolving the problem but my Coaching is directed to restoring love in the relationship. I want to take you from where you are and move your relationship into the life you want. Together we can create communication, establish a love bank, find  forgiveness and acceptance, and restore that romantic love you had with each other!

Why Pre-Marital Counseling?  As a retired Pastor I continue to meet with couples as they prepare for life together. Together we explore issues often overlooked when they became engaged. Doors are then opened for dialogue on how to address these issues before they become problems. Pre-Marital Counseling usually consists of four one hour sessions.

Depression, Anxiety and Stress is the busy epidemic of our society. All three can affect all ages and an estimated 20 million Americans are experiencing nervous tension, physical aches, and pains, sleep disturbances, and many other disorders. Stress alone can create havoc in our bodies and affect the four main systems of our body. See your doctor first if you are experiencing these problems. My counsel and hypnosis relaxation technique may also be of value.


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